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Entrepreneurship in hydro-urban construction and environment protection projects.

alapitoOMS was founded in the year 1915 in Schierstein, Germany, by the engineer Otto Mohr. The company specializes in designing and developing technologies in the field of wastewater treatment. The upwards of 5000 contracts fulfilled to date are a clear testimony to the quality of the technologies used by OMS.

In 1992 the OMS Hungaria Kft company was launched in Hungary (with 51% of the shares owned by the German OMS Wiesbaden and the remaining 49% by Hungarian shareholders).

In the year 1998 51% of the shares of OMS-Kläranlagen GmbH Wiesbaden were bought  by the Austrian company SW Umwelttechnik Stoiser&Wolschner AG Klagenfurt.

OMS has been active in Romania since as early as 2000, the year the company OMS Timișoara SRL was started.
2005 was the foundation year of the  OMS România SRL company, with Romanian and Hungarian mixed corporate funds, as a subsidiary of OMS Hungaria Kft, aiming to further increase our clients  confidence in our services.

The OMS staff consists of specialists in the fields of water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment plants (design, execution and operation) all of whom have been preoccupied with easing the successful application of OMS's German technology in the European Union as well as in Romania.

Since it’s foundation, the main focus of OMS România S.R.L. has been to offer high quality services in the company's field of expertise, in order to ensure that our Customers are always pleased with the work carried out.

To achieve this, we have brought the wastewater treatment and systems construction related know-how and experience from Western Europe  and applied them successfully, here in Romania.

The goal of our company is to apply our accumulated knowledge and experience in our projects, offering economic and reliable solutions, while also putting strong emphasis on the post-finalization period and ensuring that the exploitation and maintenance of the projects designed and built by our company remain economic during their entire lifetime.

The projects built by our company are highly automatized (SCADA systems) in order to minimize the need for human intervention during operation.

The materials used for  and built into  the projects designed and built by our company are of the highest quality, produced by dedicated companies with substantial experience in their fields, whose main objectives match those of our own company: quality, reliability, economy during operation and protection of the environment.

Environmental protection is a main objective both in the design phase and during the actual construction works. We can proudly say that 80% of the projects completed by our company target the environment protection and serve to enable the sustainable development of the communities who became customers of our company's services.

In order to be able to fulfill the expectations of our Customers as well as the market requirements, in addition to ensuring self-consciousness work, we have restructured our technical and quality control system in accordance with the directives of the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001/2008.


The quality of the completed projects is highlighted by several factors.

One necessary condition for achieving the desired quality consists in preparing the technological process of the project with the help of the execution specialists (construction, assembly and operation), i.e. the technological processes must be directed and verified by a group of specialists with experience in the domain.

According to construction and control rules for design and execution  and local conditions relevant to the project, work in all fields in which OMS România operates is carried out under the supervision of an project manager and  an technical manager, a measure by which we hope to further increase our customers confidence in the quality of our services.

Since it was founded in Hungary in 1992, OMS has designed and built water supply systems, sewerage networks, wastewater treatment plants in over 100 settlements, all of which function successfully until present day, some of them being operated by OMS itself. Nowadays, the total length of the sewage networks built by OMS in Hungary is more than  2000 km.

In Romania, we have built  a total number of 5  wastewater treatment plants  with capacities between 100m3/day and 2500m3/day, as well as over 60 km of sewerage network  and over 100 km of  water  transport and distribution networks.